Dear Rotary Friends,

            We have been preparing our 14th Rotary Regatta. We are glad to inform you that our next meeting will be held on the

14. – 17. September, 2011.

  on the middle of Adriatic coast

            This year, we where unable to provide boats, for the Monotype class competition. We invite you to find you own boat for competition that will best suit your crew.

(If any problems in finding a boat  contact:


Registration form can be downloaded here.

 Our task is to be organizing groups to make exciting competition. Because of simpler organization is important to us that your applications come as early possible. Certainly,  not later than 31st May 2011.  

 Take challenge, be brave, the arrival of each crew will make us happy.


For organization board:

Svetko Perković

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

mob. +38598332462

fax. +38523316510