Essential principles of Rotary club members are manifested in four aspects of activities: to serve the club, to serve the profession, to serve the social community and to serve the international community. The members of the club following these principles and looking toward the present and the future of the town in which urban life has been existing for three millenium, make arrangements for humanitarian actions.

The club is very active in fund-raising for the projects such as mine clearance of Zadar hinterland and Velebit, purchasing musical instruments for musical school Blagoje Bersa in Zadar and books for the lending library for primary school Zadarski otoci (The islands of Zadar), financial assistance to persons being under treatment for serious illness, organ repairing in Benedictine nunnery, establishing the Center for researching the life of sea mammal, providing worthwhile medical machines and apparatus etc.

These activities are usually arranged at Christmas concerts, masked balls, and regattas.